Case 7

Gary Player

Seven decades of Champion Golf

gary player   (1935  -            )

NICKNAME: Black Knight or Mr. Fitness


The most famous golfer to come from South Africa, Gary Player has become an international ambassador of the game.  He has one of the most sucessful golf careers and is one of only a few players who have won the Grand Slam (all four of golf's major championships).  Sometimes he and Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer are referred to as the "Big Three" from that era of golf.


Player was born in Johannesburg South African and took a loan to buy his first set of golf clubs, and then turning pro golfer at the age of 17.   He started playing on the PGA tour in the late fifities and eventually travelled the world over seven decades competeing in tournaments on six continents.  He has many business interests includiing apparrel, wine, golf courses and schools.  In 1974 he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame and in 2003 he was awarded the highest distinguished South African award for exceptional achievements.