Case 6

Dominique Moceanu

Youngest Member of Magnificent Seven Gymnasts

Dominique Moceanu (1981 -      )


Early in her career Dominique performed daring tricks on the balance beam and spunky routines on the floor exercise.  She earned her first national team berth at age 10 and went on to become an important part of the Magnificent Seven gold medalist team at age 14 at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.


Dominique sustained some injuries during the Olympics, but came back strong when she competed at the 1998 Goodwill Games, where she became the only American to win the all-around title.  In doing so, she defeated the reigning world all-around champion, as well as the world silver and bronze medalists.


In her memoir Off Balance, Moceanu revealed that she has a younger sister, Jennifer Bricker who was born without legs and was given up for adoption at the hospital at birth.  Bricker, despite her physical condition, is an acrobat and aerlist who idolized Moceanu before finding out they were sister.