Case 8

Sam Snead

Top Player for Four Decades

sam snead  (1912  -  2002)



Though Snead never won the US Open, he was runner up four times and had a lifetime win of 82 PGA Tour events.   He is considered one of the greatest golfer and was awarded the PGA Golfer of the Year in 1949.


He served in WWII, but won major events both before and after the war.   Beginning in 1960, Snead hosted Celebrity Golf on TV.  He was very popular for his folksy manner and was greatly respected for his phenomenal swing.  He had great success at "shooting his age" in later years and liked to experiment with different clubs and putting styles.


He died from complications of a stroke shortly before his 90th birthday.  His nephew J. C. Snead plays on the PGA Tour now.