Case 8

Evel Knivel

Stunt Performer and Daredevil

Evel Knivel  (1938 - 2007)


Knivel was from Montana and drifted through a number of jobs until he recognized he preferred motorbiking to any of them.  He was always looking for a thrill and early in his career he sold tickets to see him jump his motorbike over a 20 foot box of rattlesnakes and two mountain lions.  He tried his hand at many careers and eventually  landed a job in a motorcycle where he learned to do a "wheelie" and ride while standing on his seat. 


He opened his first daredevil show in 1966 which was immediately a huge success, but eventually closed due to injury.  Nothing really deterred him from trying again and again.   Regardless of how sucesseful or failed his jumps were, he tried incredible jumps over rows of cars, over the Caesar Palace fountains, and over wide canyons.  It is said that he had over 433 bone fractures during his lifetime, but none ever stopped him from trying his next thrilling  and dangerous jump  Evel Knivel amazed and horrified his thousands of onlookers.