Case 7

Chris Shivers Crimber Da Silva Farley Felix Hall Hart Hendricks Herman Johnson Koschell LeBeth Mike Lee Marchi Mattos McBride McCoy Meier Adriano Moraes Allan Moraes Andre Moraes Navarre Oliveira Pahlke Patrick Petersen Potter Ra

Thirty-three Bull Riders Who Dared to Hang On

Bull Riding is a rodeo sport where a rider attempts to stay mounted for a minimum of 8 seconds to receive a score.  Chris Shivers, born in 1978 in Mississippi, has become a World Champion Bull Riding Legend


Full list of signatures:

Paulo Crimber, Hilton Luis Da Silva, Jared Farley, Felix Francisco, Dustin Hall, Cody Hart, Dan Hendricks, Brian Herman, Robert Johnson, Josh Koschell, Dusty LeBeth,  Mike Lee, Guilherme Marchi, Leandro Mattos, Justin McBride, Bobby McCoy, Austin Meier, Adriano Moraes, Allan Moraes, Andre Moraes, Corey Navarre, Alessandre Oliveira, Jay Pahlke, Rusty Patrick, Wiley Petersen, Greg Potter, Will Rasmussen, Willy Ropp, Steven Shelley, Chris Shivers, Sevi Torturro, and Casey Yates