Case 7

Barkley Camacho Carter Duran Holmes La Motto Norton

What An Array of Champion Boxer Signatures!

IRAN BLAD BARKLEY  (1960 -          )    Nickname: THE BLADE

HECTOR CAMACHO  (1962 - 2012)     Nickname:  MACHO CAMACHO

RUBEN CARTER  (1937 - 2014)            Nickname:  THE HURRICANE 

ROBERTO DURAN  (1951 -          )         Nickname:  HANDS OF STONE

LARRY HOLMES  (1943 - 2013)             Nickname:  THE EASTON ASSASSIN

JAKE LaMOTTA  (1922 - 2017)               Nickname: THE BRONX BULL

KEN NORTON  (1935 - 2006)                Nickname: THE BLACK HERCULES


All of these boxers were championship winners.  Norton fought Ali three times, but only beat him once early in their careers.  Holmes also beat Ali in their one fight in 1980.  


Several famous movies depict the lives of these boxers.  The Hurricane is a movie about Ruben Carter's life and his wrongful imprisonment for a crime he did not commit.  Raging Bull tells about the rough life of Jake LaMotta which was clearly carried into his tough unrelenting style of boxing.