Case 5

Rodriguez Sampras Strange Borg Sutton

Top Swingers from Two Sports

Chi chi rodriguez  (1935 -      
Pete Sampras  (1971 -  
curtis strange (1955 -
Bjorn borg  (1956 -
hal sutton  (1958



Here is a mix of great golf and tennis players.   Rodriguez was the first Puerto Rican to be inducted into the  World Golf Hall of Fame.   He developed his signature toreador dance and was colorful to watch.  Strange is also in the World Golf Hall of Fame and both he and Sutton, in addition to winning many championships, played in the Ryder Cup several times on the American team.


Sampras and Borg are among the highest rank tennis players in the world.  Sampras won 64 top-level singles titles (including 14 Grand Slam titles, 11 World Tour Masters titles and five Tennis Masters Cup titles.   From Sweden, Bjorn Borg's physical conditioning was legendary and unrivalled, as he could outlast most of his opponents under the most grueling conditions.  Between 1974 and 1981 he became the first male professional to win 11 Grand Slam open era singles titles.