Case 5

Jimmy Conners

Left Handed Tennis Super Star

James Scott Connors  (1952 -        ) 


Jimmy Connors was a professional tennis player and is known as one of the best players in the history of the sport.  By virtue of his long and prolific career, Connors still holds major open era records: 109 titles (the only man to reach 100), 1535 matches played, and 1256 match wins.  Among his wins were five US Open and two Wimbledon.


Connors was taught to hit the ball on the rise by his teaching-pro mother, Gloria Connors, a technique he used to defeat the opposition in the early years of his career.  In the modern era of power tennis, Connors style of play has often been cited as highly influential, especially in the development of the flat backhand.  


He was known for his fiery competitiveness, acrimonious relationships with a number of peers, and boorish behavior that pandered to the crowd.  His brash behavior both on and off the court earned him a reputation as the brat of the tennis world.  But Connors himself thrived on the energy of the crowd, positive or negative, and manipulated and exploited it to his advantage in many of the greatest matches of his career.