Case 2

Walter Johnson & Gabby Street

Old Timers of Major League Baseball Fame

Walter Johnson (1887 – 1946)
nickname: the Big Train
Gabby Street ( 1882 – 1951)
nickname: The Old sarge


Johnson is widely considered one of the greatest starting pitchers in major league baseball history.  He amassed several records, many of which still exist today including number of shutouts (110).  Johnson also was the lone member of the 3,000 strike-out club for over 50 years.  He had 417 wins (2nd highest) and led the league in strike-outs 12 times (still a record). 


Street meanwhile did not achieve as much success in is playing career, but was Johnson's catcher early in his career and Street is fabled to have been a mentor to the pitching legend.


Johnson's gentle nature was legendary, and to this day he is held up as an example of good sportsmanship, while his name has become synonymous with friendly competition.