Case 2

Parker Abrams Bay Briles Candelaria Drabek Ellis Face Friend Groat Jackson Kendall Kiner Law Mazeroski Oldis Oliver Robinson Schofield Stargell Tekulve Thoms Walk

Pittsburgh Pirate Superstars

Autographs collected at many different Pirate events

Professional Baseball players for the Pittsburgh Pirates spanning the 1950's through the 1990's


Cal Abrams,  Jason Bay,  Nellie Briles,  John Candelaria,  Doug Drabek,  Dock Ellis,  ElRoy Face,  Bob Friend,  Dick Groat,  Grant Jackson,  Jason Kendall,  Ralph Kiner,  Vern Law,  Bill Mazeroski,  Bob Oldis,  Al Oliver,  Dave Parker,  Bill Robinson,  Dick Schofield,  Willie Stargell,  Kent Tekulve,  Frank Thomas,  Bob Walk