Case 2

Barry Bonds

One of the Greatest Hitters in Baseball's History

Barry Lamar Bonds (1964 - )

Bonds holds the record for most home runs in a single season (73) and career home runs (762).  He was so potent of a hitter, in 2004 he set the record for most intentional walks with 120.  Second and third place are his also.  The next closest person had 45. 

Bonds' Wins Ver Replacement (WAR measures value over a replacement player) is 2nd only to Babe Ruth for a career.  Bonds was also a great defender winning 8 gold gloves.  

Bonds career was not without controversy.  He was at the center of the steroids scandal of his era, and although never found guilty many question that.  As a result, he was not voted into the Hall of Fame despite his unrivaled accomplishments.