Case 1

Bettis Bingham Bleier Blount C. Brown L. Brown Dawson Fuqua Furness Gerela J. Greene K. Greene Grossman Hall Ham Harris Hurley C.Johnson J. Honson Kirkland Kolb Lambert Long Mansfield Mills Mullins Nelson Noll Peterson Russel

Bet you recognize a lot of these names!

is this just A bar stool?

No, it has over 50 signatures of superstars.  Can you find Mean Joe Green?  How about Jerome Bettis?  Who is the coach and can you find his signature?  (See below.)  All these signatures were acquired at different times at visits to sports shows and events. 

The signature of the coach is Chuck Noll.  He was born in Cleveland but ended up coaching his entire career at Cleveland's arch rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Gary Anderson,  Steve Avery,  John Banaszak,  Jerome Bettis,  Craig Bingham,  Rocky Bleier,  Mel Blount,  Terry Bradshaw,  Chad Brown,  Larry Brown,  Sam Davis,  Dermontti Dawson,  Frenchy Fugua,  Steve Furness,  Roy Gereia,  Joe Greene,  Kevin Greene,  L.C. Greenwood,  Randy Grossman,  Delton Hall,  Jack Ham,   Franco Harris,   Ernie Holmes,  Bill Hurley,  Charles Johnson,  John Henry Johnson,   Lavon Kirkland,  John Kolb,  Jack Lambert,   Terry Long,   Ray Mansfield,   Ernie Mills,   Gerry Mullins,  Edmund Nelson,  Chuck Noll,  Eric Pegram,  Ted Peterson,  Andy Russell,  Donnie Schell,  Ernie Stautner,  Kordel Stewart,   Justin Strzelczyk,   Lynn Swann,  J.T. Thomas,  Mike Wagner,   Mike Webster,   Dwight White,   Craig Wolfley,   Dwane Woodruff,   Rod Woodson