Case 1

Avila Blackwell Clark Larsen Murray Newcombe

Baseball Greats

bobby avila Gonzalez (1924 - 2004)
     nickname: beto (Bobbie) avila
Ewell blackwelll (1922 - 1996)
    nickname: the whip
william clark, jr.  (1964  -        )
    Nickname: Will The Thrill
donald larson  (1929  -       )
eddie murray (1956  -       )
    Nickname: Steady eddie
Donald Newcombe (1926  -        )
    nickname: Newk


Clark played a starring role for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team and in his first full professional season in 1987, Clark had a .308 batting average for the San Fransico Giants.  Over the next six seasons, Clark would establish himself as the premier first baseman in the National League. 


Blackwell, a right-handed starting pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds was nicknamed "The Whip" for his sidearm and snap-delivery. Blackwell's best year was 1947, when he recorded 22 wins against 8 losses, including 16 consecutive complete game victories for a weak-hitting team. 


Ávila was a Mexican professional baseball second and third baseman. who played most of his career for the Cleveland Indians.  In 1954 Ávila won the Ameriecan League Batting Championship with a .341 batting average, edging out Ted Williams and Minnie Minoso. "Beto" Ávila is widely recognized as the player who catalyzed the development of Mexican baseball.


Murray spent most of his MLB career with the Baltimore Orioles and ranks fourth in the team history for hits and number of games played.  Though Murray, a Baseball Hall of Famer, never won a Most Valuable Player Award, he finished in the top ten in MVP voting several times.  In retirement he has made generous donations to the City of Baltimore playgrounds and community foundation.


Don Larsen, not only pitched the sixth perfect game in history, he did it during Game 5 of the 1956 World Series for the New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers.  It is currently the only no-hitter and perfect game in World Series history and he won the World Series MVP Award and the Babe Ruth Award in recognition. Over his 15-year MLB career, he pitched for seven different teams.


Don Newcombe was the only career baseball player to have won the Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and Cy Young award, prior to 2011 and Justin Verlander.  In 1949, he made history by becoming the first black pitcher to start a World Series game.  Newcombe was a rarity for pitchers, as he compiled a career batting average of .271 with 15 home runs and was used as a pinch hitter at times.