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Art Rooney I & II, Dan Rooney

The Ronney - Steeler Dynasty

ART ROONEY  (1901 - 1988)     DAN ROONEY (1932 - 2017)     art rooney II (1952 -


Arthur Joseph "Art" Rooney, Sr.  was the founding owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  In 1933, Rooney paid a $2500 franchised fee to form tthe team, which he originally called the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1964.


Dan Rooney took over the Presidency of the Pittsburgh Steelers from his father in 1975.  He helped select Chuck Noll as coach, and spearheaded the many championships and Super Bowl wins that followed.  He was appointed Ambassador of Ireland in 2009 by President Obama and served for three years.


Art Rooney II became President of the Steelers in May 2003.  He is very active on many NFL and Pittsburgh Boards and devotes much time to community servuce.  Under his leadership the Steelers have thrived, winning two Super Bowls and three AFC Championships.